About me

DSCF0602It is the color that is the watchword of the career Fabrice Rotenhauser .
Color of stained glass abbeys of his native Burgundy,  color of large areas of Lorraine where he lives and works , color ofperformances he has put in colored light …and transparent enamels …

Fabrice Rotenhauser began his artistic career by staging and light shows before heading to a more practical approach to the subject . He worked lime and natural pigments and devoted himself entirely to the enamel on copper.

He works enamels in full screen to better allow light to penetrate his works, to sublimate colors . His paintings are present, alive, they catch the light, turn . It becomes part of the work reveals .

On a specific job , sometimes graph , by juxtaposition of elements, such permanent construction , Fabrice Rotenhauser raises vibrant paintings of life, light, color . Tables that carry …

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